Adrien Broner Meant Nothing but Love for Mexicans

May 7th, 2014


Adrien Broner Meant Nothing but Love for Mexicans?

Adrien Broner has been under fire for saying he “beat the f*** out of a Mexican” after his fight with Carlos Molina over the weekend. is wonder what part of don’t make any crazy statements did Adrein Broner not understand before his fight?

Maybe he got punched in the head one to many times, because he surely didn’t listen…

Adrien Broner tells TMZ Sports he meant nothing but love, but before he took to the ring he was told NO CRAZY STATEMENTS, he was supposed to obied to the rules, but obviously he did not.

After he wan to the fight jaws hit the floor in Vegas on Saturday, when Broner addressed the crowd after the fight, saying:

“I’ve beaten up Africans and I just beat the f*** out of a Mexican.”

Jim Gray reprimanded Broner in the ring for the comment — but now, the fighter tells us he didn’t mean any harm.“I love all Mexicans,”

Broner says … adding, “Molina put up a hard fight.”So far, no comment from the Molina camp.

Listen to the report from Koncrete Jungle:

Adrian showed off his championship ring, saying:

A championship ring for a champion from my Jewler@joeavianne


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