Apollo Nida on Reality Stars Behind Bars

Jun 9th, 2013

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Apollo Nida on Reality Stars Behind Bars

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Apollo Nida opens up about transitioning from ex-con to reality star thanks to wife Phaedra Parks.

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Apollo and Phaedra appeared on previously taped segment of Showbiz Tonight, which aired yesterday evening. During the interview, the reality TV husband went into further detail about his prison experiences and the aftermath.

Here’s the drop:

On appearing on RHOA 6 months after his prison release:

“From the beginning it was kind of difficult. I really wasn’t sure how the viewers were going to accept me. It was a lot of mental anguish at the same time, trying to just readjust. But I’m a team player, my wife is supportive, my family is supportive and so I just jumped into it and just went on for the ride.”

On his parole officers being apprehensive about his appearance on the show:

“I got a lot of riffraff from the parole board and the State of Georgia. They really weren’t fond of it. They thought a lot of cameras were going to follow us into the parole offices and that kind of thing is really shunned. I told them that wasn’t really what it was and that my wife was on the show as one of the housewives. And they were like, ‘Okay, we’ll let the season play out and see what happens.’”

(Phaedra) on deciding to join the cast despite her husband’s past:

 “Well, my husband did have a past, but as I say on the show, ‘Every sinner has a past and every saint has a future.’ It is what it is. I was proud of him. And you know, hopefully our story will help someone else.”

(Apollo) on what prison was like:

“It was kind of devastating once I got shipped off to a diagnostic center. They make you shave your head. They change your appearance, bascially. They try to humiliate you. It’s degrading because you have to get unclothed in front of officers and other men and you know, you’re not used to doing anything like that. It’s kind of a life-changing experience. Then you just go through the routine and you just try to find a place where you can mesh and become one with yourself and that’s what I did. I just dug deep inside and became one with myself, one with a higher power. Spirituality really played a strong part for me.”

How did Apollo Nida meet the woman that would help turn his life around and make him a reality star?  What happened before Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Apollo Nida to serve jail time as she was a criminal mastermind behind a scheme of insurance check fraud, auto theft and racketeering! According to Angela, Phaedra was even supposed to represent the entire gang if they were arrested.

Apollo served five years in prison for Racketeering related to auto title fraud. His mugshot is below. Apollo was indicted with five other men on a 20 count indictment under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Basically they were arrested under the umbrella of organized crime.

Apollo was the “numbers” man behind the operation and not considered a violent criminal. In fact, Apollo went to jail in 2004 and served four years of an eighteen year sentence, upon his release in 2009 he almost immediately married Phaedra.

In 2012, former friend Angela Stanton and author explains how she meet Apollo and how she got involved with the scheme. She also claims that Phaedra Parks was the ring leader.

Angela’s role was the front woman who would run the forged checks to the bank. “And of course I was the one that would go into the bank with the identifications, deposit the check, and then go back to the bank and withdraw the money, whether it was $27,000, $30,00o.”

“This went on for about two years, and then I ended up catching a charge and getting locked up for forgery, and I ended up going to prison. On my first trip to prison, I only did four months, but while I was away at prison, Apollo had also got arrested. So when he got arrested and got banged up and moved to County, and I finally got out after doing my four months, Phaedra and I got back together again.”

Phaedra then introduced Angela to Apollo’s brother, Everrett also involved in the operation. “This time she introduced me to Everett, which is Apollo’s brother, and we were all involved in the federal racketeering scheme against the federal government – stealing Porches, Hummers, Cadillacs, Corvettes, any hot whip at that time – you name it, we had it. We would basically go to the car lot and write down the VIN numbers of the vehicles that we felt as if we wanted to keep or would make a good sale.”

“Once we recorded the numbers down off of the VIN, we would take them back to Phaedra and Everrett, and once they had it they would make a fake identification card and a registration card to match the vehicle.” When Apollo was arrested it was discovered he had fraudulent licenses in other states with his photo but a different name.

“The next day you could take the ID and the registration card and go to another car dealership and tell them that this is your vehicle and they’ll cut you a key for a fee of $185.Well, once we had the key, we would then go back to the car dealerships after the dealership closed and drive off with whatever car we picked earlier.”

They would then clean the car out, swap titles, and trade it in at a dealership for a car of lesser value, pocketing the difference in monetary value.

Angela alleges an altercation at the Georgia DMV led to things falling apart. “My cousin was going to the DMV to trade in one of the titles [and] she got banged up at the DMV,” Angela explains. “So an auto theft detective by the name of Pete McFarlane [sp?] questioned her, but eventually released her.” Angela asserts that despite her warnings, Phaedra encouraged her to continue running the scheme as if nothing was different.

“Phaedra told me that we should proceed with what we had. Everett said that we would leave in the morning as well. So we left that next morning headed to Tennessee with three of the luxury vehicles, and this is where I was arrested. This is where Everett was arrested.” Angela was seven months pregnant at the time.

Angela says Phaedra reassured her that she would represent her as an attorney in exchange for her silence. Angela claims she never said a word and ended up getting five years in state prison for her involvement.

“Once I was incarcerated, the plan and the agreement was always that she would always represent all of us if we ever got into any trouble, and that’s what I expected. I expected her to represent me. I expected her to look out for me. I expected her to look out for my children if something were to happen. I expected her to do everything that she said she was going to do because I did everything that I said I was going to do.”

Angela did a video interview with Vibe that is part of a two-part series. The second part of her interview will be released by the magazine today. Reality Tea will be giving you the update. You can view the video below!

Phaedra has not commented on the accusations, nor released a statement proclaiming her innocence. I expect an official statement shortly.

It’s important to note that Phaedra was never accused of any involvement and was not investigated, according to records. I find it difficult to believe with all of her proposed involvement she would have scraped by unscathed if she were as deeply entrenched in the situation as Angela proposes. Now that’s not to say she didn’t have knowledge of the scheme and Angela’s story is very specific.

If this is remotely true, it leads me to wonder why Phaedra, a high-profile entertainment lawyer with many celebrity clients, would open herself up to scrutiny by participating in reality television if she has such a scandalous past to hide. Phaedra has never withheld information concerning Apollo’s arrest and she has been very forthcoming from the get-go about his criminal background. Meaning, it doesn’t seem like she’s too afraid of people digging into her background.

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