Brandi Glanville Down For Sex on First Date

Feb 11th, 2014


(CelebNMusic247-News) Brandi Glanville Down For Sex on First Date

Apparently Brandi Glanville is an open book since she just admitted she’s down for sex on first date and loves the peen as long as he’s NOT to hung!

While appearing on Entertainment Tonight, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed to Howard Stern’s wife, Beth Stern that she no longer like GIANT d-cks!

Brandi explains:

“Since my vagina has been tightened, I don’t want giant penises anymore.”

 “I dated a black guy… he had to have specially made condoms.”

In regards to sexing on a first date, Glanville replies:

“Yes. If the chemistry’s there, you should see what you’re workin’ with.”

Well fellas if you’re working with less than 6 then Brandi Glanville is your gal.

And we just have to say this whole article is TMI….OMG, really? Her vag was tightened, what was she doing and how big were the men she was playing with?

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