Dutchess From Black Ink Spotted Dancin 4 Dollaz

May 9th, 2013

509-Dutchess of Black Ink is Stripping-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsDutchess  From Black Ink is Dancin 4 Dollaz

WTH Dutchess???

We are STILL NOT sure if we believe this, but RUMOR has it VH1 tattoo series Black Ink Crew star Dutchess Lattimore was spotted stripping.

We are DUBBING THIS A RUMOR, but POWTV is reporting:

POWTV.net is reporting that Dutchess was spotted dancing in a strip club. The site also had the following photos below

Here’s the drop:

Duchess from Black Ink showed up onstage at King of Diamonds  in Miami  in what was billed as her first time dancing.

Check it:

509-Dutchess of Black Ink is Stripping-2

509-Dutchess of Black Ink is Stripping-3

509-Dutchess of Black Ink is Stripping-4

509-Dutchess of Black Ink is Stripping-5

Do you believe this?

We don’t, plus we heard that she was dancing for a party. This was NOT her first time as a Stripper.

Source: bossip

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