Eve Reveals Her Absence From Hip Hop

Feb 5th, 2013

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Eve Reveals Her Absence From Hip Hop

Prior to her comeback last year, Philadelphia rapper Eve opens up why she’s been out of the spotlight for quite some time.

Eve explains her absence from hip hop and the dramas that have been keeping her from returning to music which is due to various label, management, and legal issues.

The former Ruff Ryders Entertainment artist spoke on her label woes and more, earlier today (February 5) while appearing on air with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

Eve revealed:

“I been wanting to come back.”

 “It’s just the situation hasn’t been right. Meaning, my situation as far as label stuff, management, lawyers. Literally, the whole situation. And now it’s the right situation. I know it’s been a minute, but I miss my music. My music is my first love and I feel like I still got shit to say…I was on Interscope. Been off Interscope. I had to fight for that. Then I went to EMI and that deal was horrible. And then it took a minute to just find a deal where it would be my label, but I’m distributed through Sony Red and I’m the boss.”

Eve explains that she still has love for her Ruff Ryders family although she may not speak to them on a regular basis.

She adds:

“We only speak when see each other sporadically. Never bad blood. That’s my heart.”

 “Will always be my heart, anytime. I will drop anything for any of them. No problem, any second…Everybody living their own lives and it’s hard to keep up.”

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