Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Released

May 6th, 2013


(CelebNMusic247-News) Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Released

5 full minutes of Farrah’s “porno” has officially hit the web and I think I’ve seen about as much of as I can take for a while!

The footage is graphic to say the least and I’m now completely convinced that this was supposed to be released as a “leaked” sex tape. If  this was a tape for Farrah’s own personal pleasure I doubt these two would have needed the small talk and bad porno acting.

She also refers to him as “baby” a lot while talking to him, this guy that she just met. Which also makes me think she wanted people to believe that they were dating or hooking up. The whole thing is made to look candid, she even says something about them “hanging out.” As in not purposefully filming a video for Farrah’s future reference.

I’m also not really sure why doing “anal” would be so important to her if this video was just for her to show off her body… and I know this is going to sound disturbing but there is NO way that this was her first time doing it either. Farrah had me convinced that she hadn’t had many sexual partners and that she actually hadn’t been sexually active in a long time based on the things she has said publicly.. until now that is. I’m pretty sure Farrah will be having sex on screen in the future.

WARNING: For those that are under the age of 18 I am advising you to NOT click on this link. The footage is graphic and not intended for children. I’m sure no teenage boy reading this will listen but for the record I did warn you. If your mom catches you don’t blame me!

My oh My oh My…this girl is a natural born professional!!!

WARNING 18 yr. or older NSFW VIDEO

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