Hep-V Virus Begins To Take its Toll on True Blood

Jul 29th, 2013

Hep-V Virus Begins To Take its Toll on True Blood-729-2

(CelebNMusic247-News) Hep-V Virus Begins To Take its Toll on True Blood

True Blood delivers another spin-tingling episode of blood, Vamps, Wolves, Ferries, religion and mayhem!

Last night, Eric was on a mission to save his beloved sister Nora reaching out to Bill, but his efforts fall short and Nora is the latest “True Blood”regular to meet her maker this season. Billith’s blood couldn’t save Eric’s beloved sister Nora who was infected with the Hep-V virus that kills vampires and is being distributed through True Blood in efforts to kill the vampire race.

Yes this show using vampires to touch on discrimination, racism, prejudice and religious believes. True Blood may seem like a vamp and wolf series, but its a little deeper than that.

Before she disintegrates into a gooey puddle of blood and guts in Eric’s arms, we’re treated to a flashback of the two siblings’ first meeting in 1665 London. As it happens, Nora was dying back then too, of the plague. A bewigged Eric is so taken by her courageous spirit that he brings her to his father, Godric, to be saved/turned.

We found that back story to be very interesting and much needed to the relationship of Eric and his vampire sister.

Hep-V Virus Begins To Take its Toll on True Blood-729-3Last week, we lost chef Terry who could no longer deal with his demons and arranged to have himself killed for his family. The sad part was Arlene had Terry glamoured so he would forget everything and focus on his marriage, family job and being happy. Once all was back to normal, he was shot in the back of the head and the last weeks episode ended on his death, like last nights episode which ended on Nora’s dramatic, bloody and grotesque death.

While Eric says goodbye to Nora, religious freak, Sarah Newlin discovers that Governor Burrell has also come to an end. Burrell was beheaded by Billith last week.  Sarah takes her power to the next level arranging to have the LAVDF pretend that Burrell is governing from a secret, undisclosed location. She’ll be his voice on all matters vampire. Sarah Newlin: She’s a woman on mission from God, she’s unstoppable and she’s my vote for season six’s MVP.

Meanwhile, at vamp camp Pam has a shrink sesh and agrees to sleep with her creepy, infatuated doctor if he’ll let her into Gen Pop (where she can better help Willa, Tara and Jessica handle the Hep V sitch).

Jason confesses his love to Jess, but she wants to thank that sexy vampire who sweetly refused to rape her, though, and would be ever so grateful if Jason could arrange for that.

Jason is also worried that Jess is suffering from “stockholder’s syndrome,” but agrees to have James brought to her. Jess decides what’s the best way to thank a guy for not having sex with you? To have sex with him, of course.

But first, Jess warns James about Hep V and their Billith-forecasted deaths, and then tells him she’s never had sex with a vampire. Before they all burn, she’d like to know what all the fuss is about. Cue intense vampire copulation, no coercion necessary.

After Jason vacates the room so that Jessica can get her grateful on, his day just gets worse. Then, Sarah Newlin’s first act as HBIC is to out Jason as a vamp-lover and have him thrown into Gen Pop. Luckily, Tara is there to stop the imprisoned vampires from immediately devouring him.

Which leaves us with Sookie, Lafayette and Arlene.

We tune into Sookie and Warlow naked in the ferry realm after they had just had sex. She and Warlow are talking when she hears Arlene crying over Terry’s grave, so she leaves Warlow in the safe spot to help her friend in need.

Sookie takes Arlene home to tell her children the news while Sookie and Lafayette go to find out whats in the safe deposit box. They discover that Terry planned his death, and intend to tell Arlene what they’ve learned. Unfortunately, having decided to drown her sorrows in whole lot of alcohol, Arlene is in no condition to receive this news.

That’s when Bill shows up, and even Arlene isn’t too wasted to wonder how the heck he’s paying them a visit smack dab in the middle of a bright, sunny day. Bill and Sookie go out back for a one-on-one, and Bill implores Sookie to bring him Warlow or the blood of their friends will be on both of their hands.

Sookie finds out that Billith needs Warlow to help save Tara, Pam, Jess, Jason, and Eric.

Wrapping up the True Blood sub-plots:

Sam calls Lafayette to check in and finds out Terry’s been murdered. Sam has Nicole’s mother pick her up to take her to safety. While  Alcide and his dad have a lackluster heart-to-heart in a pickup truck. His father tells Alcide that pack life just ain’t for him, and it ain’t for Alcide either. Alcide disagrees, and returns to his pack.

He informs them that Sam and Nicole are dead and that Emma has been returned to Martha. Except that Rikki tracked down and captured Nicole and her mom, and the pack knows that Alcide is lying to them

We are down to the last 3 episodes, and in True Blood fashion the series will be kicking into overdrive for  those last few tension-filled, cliffhanger-heavy episodes that “True Blood” is at its best and bloodiest

We are just crossing our fingers that Sarah and Rikki comes to gruesome and horrific death!

They’re two of the most annoying characters on season 6 this year! but the most worthless plot line is Rikki and the whole wolf pack. It’s like the writer’s didn’t know where to go with Alcide, who is coming off like an @ss this season. Not feeling any of the wolf story lines.

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