Hollywood Houseboys Star Brutally Murdered

Aug 21st, 2013

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The Hollywood Houseboys transgender star, who went by the name of Domonique Newbern was murdered last night at the 7900 block of Bennett Ave in Fontana.

Domonique was one of the stars on the Hollywood Houseboys web-series that also stars Ryan Hope and Curtis J in the reality series that follows three up and coming actors trying to make in the world of entertainment.

According to police, Domonique’s body was found dead in her apartment and neighbors said there was lots of commotion, yelling and screaming going on that Tuesday afternoon (Aug 20) before she was killed.

It was also said by one neighbor that she could hear Domonique screaming for her life and begging not to be killed.   Fontana police have reported that there was signs of struggle, holes and blood splatters stains on the wall.

Neighbors say they saw a man packing up Hollywood Houseboys stars things, then throwing them in the car and then taking off with her car. Rumors allegedly suspect that the man that they are searching for is the man that Domonique was dating, who also gave her the car.

Police are currently looking for a Black 2004 Mercedes C-240 Sedan with California license plate 7AAY925, which was Domonique’s – Fontana police are saying that if they can find the Benz then they will also find the killer who murder the actress aspiring to make it in Hollywood.

RIP Domonique you will be missed!

Our prayers go out to Domonique’s friends, cast mates and family. We are truly sorry.

Here is and episode of Hollywood Houseboys:

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