Ice Cube Holding out For Chris Tucker?

Nov 15th, 2012

(CelebNMusic247-NewsIce Cube Holding out For Chris Tucker?

Straight Outta Compton producer Ice Cube is still hoping that Chris Tucker will say yes to doing the final installment of the Friday franchise. But it sound like Tucker is in no mood to step backing to the role of Smokey.

Yo Felisia…where my VCR?

Anyways,  Chris Tucker has been on a series of talk shows promoting his new film Silver Linings Playbook after a five-year break from the silver screen. Tucker stepped around the question if he would sign on to do the Friday movie, saying that he felt it would be a great film without him.

It doesn’t seem promising, but it could just be a  PR stunt to get people involved.

However, Cube is hopeful that Tucker will sign on to the series’ fourth installment.

Cube explains:

“I’m waiting to give it to them, but it’s politics and it’s economics getting it to where it needs to be,”

“It’s moving in the right direction to get made, but it just ain’t moving as fast as I want it … but it’s happening. … With a script, nobody is all the way down until they like their deal and they sign it, so everything is just a theory. He’s written into the movie, and once they give us the green light to start hiring actors, then we’re going to present him with the movie and an offer and we’ll see if he takes it.”

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