Jay-Z Addresses Illuminati Accusations

Jun 27th, 2013

Jay-Z Addresses Illuminati Accusations-627-2

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Jay-Z is stirring up some controversy with his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail and now the album has been pushed back.

Here’s the drop according to UBM:

Rapper and business man Jay-Z isn’t a stranger to controversy, in fact he’s pretty used to being targeted for his lyrics, business deals, and even his private life. However, when it comes to his pretty impressive success in music and his numerous business ventures, Jay-Z has been accused of selling his soul to achieve such a high level of achievement.

The rapper likes to also keep the conspiracy theorists talking by wearing questionable T-shirts and rapping lyrics that sound like “Illuminati” talk, however, when it comes to Jigga, there’s just no better way to address the critics than in his own music.

Now, Jay-Z has released the lyrics of another song off his new album entitled “Heaven”. He speaks on religion’s divisive qualities, compares himself to Michael (pick one..Jackson, Tyson, Jordan) and more.

In the new song “Heaven,” the rapper spits verses on his thoughts on religion and the conspiracy theorists who swear up and down he signed his life over to the devil to get wealth.

When it comes to the references made to conspiracy theorists and the Illuminati talk, Jay-Z says those that don’t understand or believe human beings can truly work hard to attain success rather blame it all on joining the Illuminati.

In the very raw song, Jay-Z raps about how he thinks religion is divisive. He also seems to suggest that people should question certain aspects of religion, especially since some parts of it may cause a lot of what he perceives is destruction to the human race.

Here’s the lyrics to “Heaven”:

Have you ever?
Have you ever?

[Hook: x2]
Have you ever been to heaven? Have you ever seen the gates?
Have you bow down to your highness? And do you know how heaven taste?
Lie me down

[Verse 1]
Arm, leg, leg, arm, head – this god body
Knowledge, wisdom. freedom, understanding – we just want our equality
Food, clothing, shelter – help a nigga find some peace
Happiness for a gangsta, ain’t no love in the streets
Conspiracy theorist screaming Illuminati
They can’t believe this much skill is in the human body
He’s 6’2, how the fuck he fit in a new Bugatti?
Aw fuck it you got me
Question religion, question it all
Question existence until them questions are solved
Meanwhile this heretic I be out in Marrakesh
Morocco [?] with my fellowship
Y’all dwell on [?], I’m in a Diablo Yellow [?]
Color of a Jello-O [?]
Hello [?], it’s me again
Fresh in my Easter clothes feling like [?] and

[Hook: 2x]

That’s me in the corner
That’s me in the spotlight
Losing my religion

[Verse 2]
Getting ghost in the Ghost
Can you see me?
Can you see me?
Have mercy on a Judas, angels wings on a ‘ghini
I’m secular, tell the hecklers seckle down
Y’all religion creates division
Like my Maybach partition n
[?] is my chauffeur

Boy they loves Hova
From the south side of Chi
To Brooklyn where I growed up I confess
[?] in the flesh
Live among the serpents
Turn arenas into churches
I’m like Michael, recycle, these are not 16s
These are verses from [?]
Tell the preacher he’s a preacher
I’m a motherfucking prophet, fuck a tree of knowledge
Drink from a gold chalice, you gotta love it
I arrive at pearly gates, I had luggage
Meaning I had baggage
[?] asking me questions, I don’t answer to these busters
Only God could judge us, motherfuckers

[Hook: 2x]

Listen to this informative video about Jay-Z and the illuminati allegations:

Here is what he posted:

Jay-Z Addresses Illuminati Accusations-627-1

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