Jay Z Wears Shirt Showing Satan Having Sex With Jesus

Aug 6th, 2013



(CelebNMusic247-NewsJay Z Wears Shirt Showing Satan Having Sex With Jesus?

Jay Z turned heads with a shirt showing Satan having sex with Jesus.  Yes.  Usher didn’t look like he’s a fan of the shirt.

Jay Z  is not the only one that was spotted wearing this disgusting shirt.  Not only was the Roc Nation leader, Jay Z spotted wearing the blasphemous shirt so was Atlanta rapper, Young Jeezy who was also spotted wearing the shirt in Time Square. Why are these rappers wear such a horrible shirt which influences young minds that this is a cool shirt to wear.

Would Jay wear this shirt around his daughter Blue Ivy?

Take a look:


What can you do when Jay Z and Young Jeezy wear shirt with something so sacrilegious on it?

Don’t buy into the hype of this shirt!

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  • Deshun Smith

    This is a famous painting……. People should really research things before they jump to conclusions…. smh

    I Blame Public School

    That shirt is a reproduction of a
    very famous painting called The entombment of Christ by Michelangelo
    Meris da Caravaggio. It is not Satan having sex with Jesus.

  • shan

    But its not the full painting…the shirt shows (from what I can tell) only Jesus and another person. Definitely looks like they are doing ‘something’? Why not put the entire piece on the shirt? Its obvious jay z is tryn to cause controversy. He needs attention. … sales must be slipping.

  • Angree Troll

    The only thing creating controversy is this fuckn waste of megabytes of Internet space…fuck you, fuck your website, and fuck your bible thumping bullshit. This is what’s wrong with America today…Everyone believes everything they see and hear without questioning or researching it for themselves and shit like this and anything else that can be construed as sacreligious in your fucked up brainwashed minds causes a bunch of unnecessary drama…fuck off!!!

    And just because it’s zoomed in on the painting so you can only see Jesus and the man cradling him, doesn’t mean it’s grounds for controversy to enhance album sales…fuckn moron!

    Thanks for makn the Internet a place for us intelligent rational folks to spend our time cleaning up your bullshit!

    Educate yourself!



    • Mark 2112

      and yet you quote from wikipedia….the irony is dripping.

  • shan

    Aww, someone is a little pissy? Take s chill pill Troll. LOL God loves the ‘angree’ people too.

  • http://www.truthislight.com/ JBIII

    For starters, lets just disseminate some hard truth… Yeshua, was and is a man of color.

    These are musicians wearing this garbage; what would you expect?

    But I am really surprised at Jay-Z for even doing this; because he knows, full well, that Yeshua is a man of color, (given the fact that he is a Prince Hall Freemason.)

    Unless these guys are into necrophilia, (and I really would not be surprised), given some of the macabre rituals that many with money and power do to attain more wealth and status, wearing a shirt like this is basic par for the course.

    Q:Who is Pope John Paul II venerating in this photo?
    A: It’s The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Christ Child