Joe Budden Admits His Struggles with Drug Addiction

Jan 15th, 2013

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsJoe Budden Admits His Struggles with Drug Addiction

Joe Budden falls off the wagon while goes head to head in an explosive argument with Raqi at SOBs.

Despite his struggles with his ex-girlfriend Tahiry and his “best friend” Raqi, Joe Budden has another issue in hand and that’s fighting the urge to take drugs.

Last night, Joe and Raqi Thunda got into a heated fight over the incident at his birthday party at his home between his “best friend” Raqi and ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose.

Raqi confronts Joe Budden at SOBs in New York during his sound check and he gets gully on her @ss! It’s Budden’s aggressive Ike Turner moment, for real, although we are on Joe’s side. Raqi was out of line to step in SOBs and disturb a man while he’s working.

He’s rehearsing at SOB’s when Raqi walks in to try to address the issues. But before you know it, Joe starts getting all shouty at Raqi. Aggressively. Ike Turner aggressive. So Raqi, fearing for her safety, walks away from Joe.

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Joe seeks out advice on what to do from his mama, who explains to him if he doesn’t have people who support him in his circle then he’s hanging with the wrong people. He tearfully confesses to his mother that he has “relapsed.”

Joe never mentions what drug, specifically, so it’s hard to really know how severe this addiction is. Joe also reveals that he has fallen off the wagon from his 14 years of sobriety.

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Later, Joe introduces the audience to his girlfriend, Kaylin who says she will be there for him. She also reveals she grew up with a father who struggled from addiction.

Will she be able to help Budden or is she just another flavor of the month or season for the Slaughterhouse rapper.

We feel for Joe Budden and wish him the best – we understand addiction is an extreme struggle everyday and especially when in the music industry.

Be strong Joe!

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