Justin Bieber and Mayweather Hit The Spa

May 2nd, 2014


Justin Bieber and Mayweather Hit The Spa!

While Nelly continues to come for Floyd Mayweather on social media, he and Justin Bieber ar spending some quality time together at the spa getting ready for the big fight this weekend.

CelebNMusic247.com caught Floyd Mayweather with his boy toy, Justin getting mani/pedi’s at the spa. The two were spotted the last time the champ fought in Vegas.

In fact, Justin posted this on his Twitter:

Obviously this is a good way for Floyd Mayweather to clear his mind over the drama that has surfaced since Shantel Jackson has been spotted with Nelly. Floyd has been lashing out, revealing that he’s jealous and angry that his ex-fiance aborted his babies.  Since CelebNMusic247.com repoted on Floyd laughing at Nelly’s WCW, the two celebs have been secretly dating. Then the St. Louis native posted photos with his new boo earlier this week.

Don’t they make a cute good team?

Anyways, Floyd Mayweather has called on his entire “Money Team” to walk him into the ring at his fight this weekend, including Justin Bieber - again!

Check the two guys chillin:

What’s a little metro-sexual activity between men, right Justin???

We have to be honest a manicure and pedicure sound perfect right now, my feet are killing! #SpaDay #FloydJustinKickin


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