Kevin Gates Talks Prison Depression and Street Life

Sep 20th, 2013


(CelebNMusic247-News) Kevin Gates Talks Prison Depression and Street Life

Rapper Kevin Gates sat down with our friends over at HNHH for an impromptu interview of the Baton Rouge rapper opening up about Prison, Depression and Street Life!

Kevin Gates openly talks about how he  had a tough time leaving the street life alone to focus completely on his music. The New Orleans, Baton Rouge native seems to have finally accomplished though, but his troubled past is still well-documented in his lyrics. If you aren’t familiar with the rapper’s discography, which includes the stand-out album Stranger Than Fiction, we’re about to make you familiar.

Gates goes in-depth about his depression, being in incarcerated, his intelligence and more, so check the HNHH insterview with Kevin Gates:

On who he vibes with and the energy Gate’s pick out from people:

I go off energy. Everything in your body is a muscle, and I believe that the more you work that muscle, the stronger that muscle becomes. Such as with reading – I read a lot and I’m good at reading. Such as music – I make music a lot, I’m good at music, so I’ve always been able to feel energy. People project energy. You know if someone hugs you at a funeral….. When you give someone a hug, they feel better. You’re projecting energy to that person. So when you walk in a room, you can feel there’s tension with no one saying a word. You pick up on the energy, and it’s the same thing with good energy. A lot of times you know, an individual might pick up on energy, and they might not go with that energy that they felt. They might not say, that person has bad energy for fear of being judgmental, but you know what you felt. So I don’t have to be ugly to that individual, or anything like that, I’ll just be like, “okay that’s good, I’m going to speak and keep it moving.”

And I know this might sound crazy, but, I can see energy. I can see it. When I walk in the room, I know who is who, who I’ma deal with, that’s how I sunk for you. I knew. From the moment I touched you, I knew. I knew you was good people. That’s why I don’t really shake hands and did dude like that. I shook your hand….. It’s the type of individual I been.

Now, I have fought against it, and been like man, no. That’s not the truth and I’ve always put myself in predicaments that I did not care for or cared to be in so I started trusting my body, started trusting myself. My mind, my body, I guess whatever elements contribute to me feeling the way I feel. So you know, since I’ve done that, I’ve only been home close to 17-18 months and I’m here, and there’s other individuals who have been doing it forever, they’re not here right now.”

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