Kim Kardashian Addresses Chris Lightly & Shameless Plug Backlash

Sep 13th, 2012

(CelebNMusic247) Kim Kardashian Addresses Chris Lightly & Shameless Plug Backlash

Have you noticed Kim Kardashian is always making shameless plugs for her brand, no matter what the circumstance?

We get it Kim, you’re trying to get your brand known, but there is a time and place for everything and last week your Tweet was absolutely innapropriate and shamelessly unproffessional.

Last week, Kim had good intentions when she tweeted he condolunces for the late Chris Lightly. however, Kardashian turned the tweet into a “look at me” moment when she made sure to add a shameless plug for her fragrance line.

Kim Kardashian Tweeted:

“Such sad news about Chris Lighty. He was an amazing partner in my fragrance LightHouse Beauty & friend. You will be missed!”

Let us break it down so Kim gets it:

“Such sad news about Chris Lighty. He was an amazing” ALL GOOD  then the SHAMELESS PLUG partner in my fragrance LightHouse Beauty” Boo! She ends with, friend. You will be missed!” ALL GOOD

Hopefully this will help Kim Kardashian in the future. Learn from love!

Like us, some other people felt the same way and BLASTED the reality star for mentioning a product in the tweet,

Kim told Bossip that people just willfully misinterpreted her intentions.

No Kim, people aren’t stupid like you wish, and they are CALLING you out on you BS! Catch it!

Since then Kim has retracted her original Tweet and has followed it with an apology, wait lets see if there is another shameless plug for what she is doing.

“I sent my condolences to him but also explained that I’m not just tweeting it,”

“I know him. I work with him. He owns my company. I didn’t name my fragrances. I wasn’t trying to promote my fragrance at all. I was just saying, I know him, like I’ve worked with him and I’m sad for his wife, his children and for that situation.”

Umm, yeah save the poor excuse for the VMAs, oh wait you missed it, and your promo in NC Bombed. Yeah about that? Next!

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