Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Joseline’s Masturbation Video Hits The Web

Aug 27th, 2012

(CelebNMusic247) Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s Joseline’s Masturbation Video Hits The Web

Over the weekend, Joseline Hernandez masturbation/XXX video surfaced online. The former stripper obviously has some secrets in her closet, but since she has become one of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s breakout stars all is being revealed.

Stevie J spoke on Joseline’s sexual appetite and how she enjoys anal sex with him. He also said he and Joseline may have a sex tape coming out soon. However, a video of Joseline and her battery operated boyfriend making sweet passionate love leaked on the Internet. The former stripper/artist  is seen fondling herself, completely naked–and that’s about as nicely as we can put it here.

And when her sexuality came under scrutiny earlier this year she infamously posted naked photos of herself  to prove her gender.

 The Urban Daily reports, former stripper turned reality television star Joseline Hernandez is extending her fifteen seconds of fame for an extra second or two. An alleged video of the “Bailar” singer pleasuring herself has hit the internet.

Besides pleasuring herself, Joseline teases the camera with suggestive poses that are sure to have Stevie J. salivating. According to reports, the video was made before Stevie “gave” her a life outside of the strip club.

Joseline is the only ‘star’ featured in the X-rated footage, and she has yet to comment on when or where it was shot.

It looks like Tyler the Creator is a fan of Joseline’s:

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