Miley Cyrus Nude Video

Sep 9th, 2013


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Miley Cyrus is pushing the envelope with her new video Wrecking Ball” f music video for the second single off of her upcoming album, Bangerz!

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus has officially managed to top her controversial “We Can’t Stop”music video and raunchy VMAs performance with “Wrecking Ball.”

The 20-year-old tongue to the side Miley Cyrus is licking a sledgehammer and parading around in a white crop top and matching panties, she also straddles and swings from a wrecking ball completely naked. That’s right, naked.

Cyrus captures viewers within the first few seconds, singing the emotional ballad in front of a stark white background as tears fall down her face. At about 75 seconds in, Cyrus — as usual — takes it just one step too far. She strips down to nothing but brown combat boots and provocatively swings from demolition equipment.

Check her new naked video of  “Wrecking Ball”:

We love the video but come on Miley — enough is enough!

Check the photo gallery:

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