Nas Admits To Missing Kelis

Oct 3rd, 2012

(CelebNMusic247) Nas Admits To Missing Kelis

Despite the nasty break up and messy public divorce it seems time heals all wounds since Nas recently admitted that he misses his ex-wife Kelis.

At one point they were considered the new hip hop royal couple but that was short-lived, since Kelis divorced Nas in a very public mess. However, during a recent London concert Nas admitted he still reaches out to Kelis when he’s felling romantic.

Over the summer the couple was spotted at the Hollywood bowl at an outing together, but what is raising eyebrows today is Nas confided to his audience his feelings for Kelis:

“You know, I text her the other night. I said, ‘Can we make love one more time?’ Seriously!”

“It still hurts bad. That pain is real, y’all.”

Should they get back together? What do you think?

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