Ne-Yo Confirms Two Songs on Beyonce’s Tracklist Leak

Mar 8th, 2013

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsNe-Yo Confirms Two Songs on Beyonce‘s Tracklist Leak


After Beyonce’s tracklist leaked earlier this week many of us were wonder if it was truly a fake or not?

Now we at least know that some of the leak is true and two of the songs on record listed are authentic.

According to the leaked tracklist, the new album which will be tentatively titled “Mrs. Carter,” will be packed with features that include, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Sia, Azealia Banks, Solange, Jay-Z and Ne-Yo. And it has been confirmed that Bey has been working with most of the artists listed, except one questionable  collaboration which is to be with Rihanna.

If it is true, we can’t wait to hear the track with both of these bombshells, but until then…

Which leads us to this news which comes from Digital Spy, who recently caught up with Ne-Yo, and although he couldn’t confirm that the entire track list was legit, he did claim ownership of two records (including “More Than Sex”) that he personally worked on:

Ne-Yo admits:

“I saw that Beyoncé’s tracklisting just leaked and I’ve got a couple of joints on there, which is good news. I’m very happy about that.”

 “I don’t know, I mean you never really can tell until the album comes out.”

On the process of working with Beyoncé on the LP, he explained:

“I’ve heard some songs from the album so I knew what direction I should be going in. The last thing you want to do is write a song that makes no sense with the direction of the album, so she let me hear some stuff so I knew where to aim.”

“I can’t say much else as I’ve been sworn to secrecy! I’m actually happy that no songs have leaked from it yet. Hopefully this is a sign for the future – that music can come out when it’s actually supposed to come out.”

We do know that Beyonce has been in the studio on and off in 2012 with The-Dream who has been producing most of the album. We also know that The-Dream and Ne-Yo together on many levels with music, so with those two attached the album should be way better than he 4 release, which many industry heads were disappointed in.

As for Lady Gaga, we would have to say Tamar Braxton’s husband Vince would have the inside track on that.  We will know soon enough if it’s legit as the single “Ratchet” with Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks is suppose to be released next week.

As for the alleged release date, April 11th. – We will have to wait and see if that plays out!

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