Safaree Samuels Caught Lying

Feb 2nd, 2013

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Safaree Samuels Caught  Lying

These days you can’t lie about situation on the Internet, because someone is gonna BLAST you out of the water and that’s what’s apparently happened to Nicki Minaj‘s boyfriend/hypeman Safaree Samuels!

Safaree Samuels was outed in Star Magazine for tricking with a porn star at a house party in LA, but of course he denied the claims.

Ops, seems he has a hater out there that was witness to the incident he’s trying to keep on the hush!

Check it

A Party goer named Sara Percy tells Radar Online:

“I know for a fact that he paid Beauty money for sex. Beauty came out of the closet after she was with him and walked up to us and boasted, ‘I got my money, I can go home now!’ Then, less than 10 seconds later, Safaree walked out the same closet pulling up his pants!”

“They weren’t discreet, nor was it a secret, it was just plain obvious for all to see what they had just done. “After he finished with Beauty, Safaree approached me and tried to chat me up. He was walking up to girls all night, flirting and saying things like, ‘Can we get it on?’ It was disgusting and I felt terrible for Nicki.”

But like he stated how can you cheat on someone you’re not officially with?

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