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 The Pop Culture Enthusiast: (Host/Journalist) - Publisher

Trip covers it all from celebrities in the news, red carpet coverage and music festivals. Trip keeps his readers up to date on celebrity, hip hop, pop, and rock music. being a natural movie buff, Trip’s opinion on the latest films is respected. He is here to review some of Hollywood hottest movies with your favorite celebs in the news.

He is the Pop Culture Enthusiast giving readers the inside scoop on the latest happenings in Hollywood Entertainment, celebrity news and more. 

Trip’s motto is the truth be told, so he’s covering it all, fixing celebrity rumors and hip hop beefs to give you the real story!

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 Gigi Roads: – Writer

Gigi loves shoes and hot spots and music festivals. She is our avid Hotspot writer, covering celebrity events, music festivals (BottleRock, Rock The Bells, Coachella, Comic-Con, FirstCity, Treasure Island, Outside Lands) and great spots to eat and dine. She is always finding new spots the have a great time and eat good food, if it’s not hot then it’s not the spot.

The former rock manager/vocalist/songwriter is also a journalist for CNM247.

Gigi loves sexy shoes as well and when she see those high-heeled splendors that she loves to slip into she wants her ladies to know whats hot to get your man’s attention. She also knows what her man may like to sport, so she helps to find those dope sneakers.

If you have a a music festival you need promoted or hot shoes she should talk about or even be a featured hotspot, then get at GigiRoads at


Featured Writer Column: Glass The Tramp Presents The Perfection Files

Wanna know whats hot, what’s trending, and what’s new before anyone else?

Do you love fashion?  Are you a Fashionista? Do you love Pop Culture?  Do you consider yourself ahead of the rest?

If so, then check out The Perfection Files presented by Glass The Tramp. Glass The Tramp is a featured writer for CelebNMusic247 – He is our Fashionista guru! Nobody knows fashion better than he. He is a Pop/Funk singer who is on the rise in the music scene. He has been dubbed one of the best dressed in the fashion industry and has worked with the best. When fellow celebs need tips on how to kill it, Glass The Tramp put his spin on it and the fashion industry notices. Nothing says Perfection like the Perfection Files EXCLUSIVELY on - Contact Glass The Tramp at:


  Tank: – Writer

Tank comes with some edge when he gives the news. The informative journalist covers all news celebrity and reality.

He can give the inside scoop on Real Housewives, Love and Hip Hop, Honey Boo Boo, Storage Wars, Duck Dynasty just to name a view. Reality TV is constantly changing and Tank helps us keep up with celebrity climate change and the revolving door of Reality stars that are hot.

From Bravo, TNT, MTV, BET, Vh1, AMC, Fox, NBC and more, Tank gives the the details on the hot happenings in Reality TV News in the world of celeb reality, TV Personalities and more.

If you have a tip for Tank, hit him at: - and put Tank Scoop in the subject line.


 OBdaKid: – Writer

We are proud to introduce you to our writer, OB has his ear to the ground when it comes to music news and new music. The NYC native keeps it real when talking about Hip Hop, Rock, and Pop music.

He is here for you giving you the latest hip hop news and news on celebs in the music industry. From celebrity beefs, rumors, tour dates, album reviews and the latest happenings  in the music industry he is here to report it.

Get your music news daily with OBdaKid.

 If you have a tip or breaking news in music, please send to and put OBdaKid Scoop in the subject line.

 Alex Rose – Online Editor

If you have found a discrepancy, issue with an article, need something corrected, or you have just caught a mistake in our writers writings, then please make sure to contact A Rose and she will get that taken care of your request.

Our staff writers are working around the clock to bring up to date news, so once and awhile we make mistakes, so we appreciate the feed back. We are available when you have a story that needs to be heard and we appreciate it when celebrities respond to our requests, articles and more. Have some news that needs to be cleared up, then contact our editor and she will set up and interview at or take a statement via email and post it for you.

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