Stephon Marbury Ordered To Pay Chef Mistress Hush Money

Aug 27th, 2013

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsStephon Marbury Ordered To Pay Chef Mistress Hush Money

Stephon Marbury affair with his personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell has surfaced and the hush money he’s offered hasn’t seemed to keep this dirty laundry quite.

According to court documents, Stephon Marbury had an affair with his personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell, and offered her nearly $1 million so his wife and the Knicks, who were dealing with their own sexual-harassment problems at the time wouldn’t learn about it,

Stephon hired Thurayyah as a “private chef” in January 2006, the same month the team and coach Isiah Thomas were hit with a $10 million sexual-harassment suit by one of their executives.

Here’s the drop:

Thurayyah was soon serving up more than hot meals to her boss, the papers say. Stephon fired her in 2006, and Thurayyah complained that she’d been the victim of sexual harassment. Stephon said he had considered their relationship “consensual” but offered her $900,000 to keep quiet.

She claims they had sex five times. He stopped making the payments around January 2010 after paying her $600,000, so Thurayyah took him to court.

“It is uncontroverted that during Ms. Mitchell’s employment, she had a sexual relationship with Stephon Marbury which she described as occurring on approximately five occasions,” the arbitrator found.

Thurayyah said the star “made her believe that ‘keeping him happy’ was a requirement of keeping her job,” the ruling said. The other requirement was cooking for his wife, Latasha, and their three kids. The arbitrator awarded Thurayyah $330,000, saying she could have sued Marbury or sold her story for more money than she received, and that Marbury had his eyes open when he made the deal.

The filing became public yesterday, after Thurayyah’s lawyers asked a judge to enforce the award. During the arbitration proceedings, the point guard testified that the money was to “buy Ms. Mitchell’s silence” because “a revelation of Mr. Marbury’s extramarital affair would embarrass him with his wife and children.”

He said he was also concerned because the tryst happened at a time the team “was in a very public investigation involving claims of sexual harassment.”

Stephon, now plays in China and of course his wife Tasha is on Season 5 of Basketball Wives.

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Source: New York Post

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