Keyshia Cole Alleged Victim Speaks Out

Keyshia Cole Alleged Victim Speaks Out Keyshia Cole Alleged Victim Speaks Out and now the R&B singer may NEED to apologize for attacking her because she’s a Cash Money employee! has learned via TMZ that the alleged victim is Sabrina Mercadel, who has been a Cash Money employee for more than a decade and she’s known Birdman since they were young. According to TMZ,...

Keyshia Cole Arrested at Birdman’s Apt

Keyshia Cole Arrested at Birdman‘s Apt R&B Singer Keyshia Cole Arrested at Birdman’s Apt and was released from jail on Sept. 19 after she allegedly assaulting a woman who had spent the night with Keyshia’s rumored boyfriend, Birdman, 45. has learned tha the Oakland native, 32, was arrested on Sept. 18 after showing up to Birdman‘s apartment and allegedly...

Mystikal Wants Out of Money Records

Mystikal Wants Out of Money Records Remember former incarcerated rapper Mystikal sign to Cash Money and was NEVER heard from again? Well Mystikal Wants Out of Money Records NOW! Mystikal signed to Cash Money in November 2011, but hasn’t put out an album since 2001?s Tarantula. He blamed it on “politics.” has learned via that Michael Lawrence Tyler better known as...

Cash Money Having Cash Issues

Cash Money Having Cash Issues?!? It seems that Cash Money Having Cash Issues since Lil Wayne and Birdman are NOT paying their bills for their private jet or a lawsuit. has got the tea via TMZ and TheJasmineBrand who are reporting that the YMCMB label may have a bit of a cash flow problem since they don’t pay their bills. According to TMZ Lil Wayne and his Cash Money Records...

Teen Group Sues Young Money Entertainment

Teen Group Sues Young Money Entertainment: Young Money doesn’t pay young money — at least according to teen boy rap group W3 The Future, who claims the record label unceremoniously dumped them without making good on their contract. We know most of you are saying W3 The Future, who? Yeah they’re the teen rap duo that has learned via who is getting the...

Turk Credits Drake

Turk Credits Drake When it comes to Drake, Migos, and Young Thug, the former Hot Boy member gives them credit for paying homage to the Hot Boys and other former Cash Money artists. Around the time the Big Tymers were also signed to Cash Money the Hot Boys member and New Orleans rapper Turk, weighed in on a possible new Big Tymers album. has got the drop on Turk, who had this...

Russell Simmons Shuts Down Kimora and Birdman Rumor

Russell Simmons Shuts Down Kimora and Birdman Rumor There is a new rumor that has gained some attention from fans of Kimora Lee Simmons and Birdman of Cash Money Records, since he said Kimora was the “Luv of his life.” Shortly after the post, fans started wondering if Birdman and Kimora Lee Simmons were dating on the low low. Here is the infamous post by Birdman:   However,

Cash Money Records Starting A Sports Agency

(CelebNMusic247 – News) Cash Money Records Starting A Sports Agency: Looks as though Jay Z is still an inspiration amongst his peers. Everyone knows Lil Wayne is a huge sports fan and now Birdman and his Cash Money Records is venturing to sports! Now it appears that his mentor, “Birdman” and his Cash Money Records have plans to open a sports agency. Here’s the drop: Cash Money...

Game Raising Money For 7-Year-Old’s Funeral With Crips & Bloods

(CelebNMusic247 News) Game Raising Money For 7-Year-Old’s Funeral With Crips & Bloods! West Coast rapper the Game continues to spread love with his philanthropy and continues to spend his $1 million for charity. The Cash Money rapper has revealed that he is paying for the funeral of a 7-year-old boy that reportedly gunned down as a result of gang violence. What’s really interesting...

Birdman Gives to The Needy

Birdman Gives to The Needy-1126-1
(CelebNMusic247-News) Birdman Gives to The Needy Birdman may have given Turkey‘s to families who need the help, but he made sure to rub his riches in their face with a $2.5 million dollar Bugatti. If the people who showed up for Turkey’s today didn’t already feel poor, then leave it up to Birdman to make sure they know how poor they really are. The YMCMB rap mogul gave out free...
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