Troy Ave Manager Says He Didn’t Attack MAKONNEN

Troy Ave Manager Says He Didn’t Attack MAKONNEN!!! Shortly after iLOVEMAKONNEN was pulled off stage and punched in the face at SOBs, Up and coming rapper Troy Ave was suspect no 1, now Troy Ave Manager Says He Didn’t Attack MAKONNEN!! has caught wind that Troy Ave is NOT to blame! Despite rumors that New York rapper Troy Ave attacked ILOVEMAKONNEN at the OVO newcomer’s...

Drake Claps Back at Tyga’s Remarks

Drake Claps Back at Tyga‘s Remarks Yesterday it was revealed that Young Money rapper, Tyga is NOT a fan of his label mate, Drake, claiming that the “0 to 100″ rapper is a FAKE, Now Drake Claps Back at Tyga’s Remarks! Once Drake caught wind of Tyga’s feelings toward him, he FIRED BACK in a very REAL way to let Tyga know what’s up! Drake spent some time on social...

iLoveMakonnen Attacked By Fan

iLoveMakonnen Attacked By Fan-1023-2
iLoveMakonnen Attacked By Fan?!? The artist behind the song “tuesday” featuring Drake, iLoveMakonnen Attacked By Fan by a large man in a grey hoodie who grabbed iLoveMakonnen and beat him down. iLoveMakonnen was performing his hit ‘Tuesday’ at SOB’s in NYC when a man came out of nowhere and grabbed the “Tuesday” rapper and started throwing haymakers.

Tyga BASHES Young Money Family

tyga-slams-drake-and YMCMB-1022-1
Tyga BASHES Young Money Family!?! Talk about inside haters! You would think the Kylie Jenner drama was enough, but now Tyga is digging a whole for himself with his label mates Drake and Nicki Minaj. Just because artists are on the same label doesn’t meant they all get along and now Tyga, born , is proving that. Here is what Tyga said to VIBE magazine about his relationship between he and Blac...

Interscope Gives Chief Keef His Walking Papers

Interscope Gives Chief Keef His Walking Papers!!! Chief Keef Dropped by Interscope Records!  Looks like someones rap career is going to be yesterdays news since Interscope Gives Chief Keef His Walking Papers! The Chicago rapper has apparently been given his pink slip from Insterscope Records since its been reported that Keef was dropped from the label and is now back to being an Indie artist dropping...

Game’s Girlfriend and Assistant Lolo Feuding

Game’s Girlfriend and Assistant Lolo Feuding is hearing a new rumor that The Game’s Girlfriend and Assistant Lolo Feuding on Social media after she felt he was being disrespectful! Basically Game’s assistant LoLo and his current girlfriend, India Love got into it on social media and Game had to smooth things out. Here is what we are hearing via TheShadeRoom: Here...

Kesha Just Got Served

Kesha Just Got Served!!! Kesha Just Got Served by her producer Dr. Luke on Monday after his legal team showed up at Kesha’s L.A. home and slapped legal docs on her door. Kesha and Dr. Luke have been entangled in a nasty legal battle since she claims that he was her ruination and that she wants out of her contract. The process server‘s ingenuity might have gone unnoticed, but what adds...

Bono Reveals Why He Wears Sunglasses

Bono Reveals Why He Wears Sunglasses!?! You would NEVER think that superstar musician and U2 frontman, Bono Reveals Why He Wears Sunglasses! has learned that Bono has an illness and the only way to tolerate the bright lights is to wear sunglasses, via U2 singer Bono says his ever-present sunglasses are not a rock-star affectation — he has suffered from glaucoma...

Lil Bit’s Boyfriend Grant Meredith Gets Sponsor

Lil Bit’s Boyfriend Grant Meredith Gets Sponsor Lil Bit’s Boyfriend Grant Meredith Gets Sponsor: Grant Meredith the man, who had Daddy up in arms all last season has just announced that he just landed his first Sponsor. The second season of Party Down South was all about Lil Bit and Grant Meredith love triangle with Daddy. She was torn all season and after the season was over, Bit quite...

Drake Denies Lira Galore Romance

Drake Denies Lira Galore Romance!?! Young Money rapper has gone on record SLAMMING reports that he’s dating Lira Galore, in fact Drake Denies Lira Galore Romance, but evidence still keeps popping up. has more hot tea to spill on Drake’s continual denial of exotic dancer turned aspiring model, Lira Galore. Here is what we have heard from IbTimes: The Young Money rapper...
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