The Reagans: The Legacy Endures Coming to DVD

The Reagans-The Legacy Endures
The Reagans: The Legacy Endures Coming to DVD Image Entertainment, an RLJ Entertainment brand, announces the DVD and digital release of the documentary about the 40th President of the United States The Reagans: The Legacy Endures. is proud to announce the documentary about Ronald Reagan, and his beloved wife Nancy in The Reagans: The Legacy Endures. ...

Bill Clinton New Mistress is The Energizer

Bill Clinton New Mistress is The Energizer There is something about Bill Clinton that makes women drop their panties and now the former President is being put on blast for having another mistress called the Energizer! Wowee, talk about full exposure! has learned via The New York Post that Bill Clinton reportedly has a top secret blonde mistress code named “Energizer,”...

Rihanna Deletes FreePalestine Tweet

Rihanna Deletes FreePalestine Tweet Rihanna was having such a great time in Brazil at the World Cup she didn’t realize that she tweeted #FreePalestine, so she quickly deleted the Tweet and claims it was An Error! When drinking, partying and having too much fun stay away from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest because no one likes a drunk tweet or post – NOT funny, just stupid.

Party Down South Lil Bit New Boyfriend

Party Down South Lil Bit New Boyfriend Party Down South star Lil Bit can throwback beers with the best of them but the Blonde bombshell is going into season two hitched as she is showing off her new man. got the exclusive drop on Lil Bit who says she has “NO shame” in her game. During rehersal of Party Down South Taylor Wright aka Lil Bit showed off her new man saying....

Columbus Short Denies Threatening Wife

Columbus Short Denies Threatening Wife Columbus Short personal life is just as Scandalous with the murder suicide threats and the beating of a man in a bar.  While out and about in LA, Columbus Short seems to be forgetful or something because when asked about the recent headlines, Short is stuck on stupid.  He told a TMZ photog: “I don’t know what all the noise is about” …...

Hillary Clinton Attacked By Flying Shoe!

Hillary Clinton Attacked By Flying Shoe! Apparently when the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks people throw shoes at her? That is what happened on Thursday in Las Vegas when a unknown woman threw a shoe at Clinton during a convention keynote speech. has heard that the woman was taken into federal custody. Here is what is being reported by FOX News: The incident...

Roy Jones Jr Running For Mayor

Roy Jones Jr Running For Mayor! Roy Jones Jr. isn’t officially retired from boxing (he’s been unofficially retired since Tarver knocked him out), but now he wants to try his hand in politics. has learned that Roy Jones Jr. is looking towards the future and into politics.   According to 4umf, Jones has always represented his hometown of Pensacola and he is ready...

Clay Aiken Running For Congress

(CelebNMusic247 – News) Clay Aiken Running For Congress? From American Idol to North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House is the plan for Clay Aiken. Clay is “actively considering” a run for North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district in the U.S. House, according to the Washington Blade. Clay Aiken was on the second season of AI, but lost to R&B singer Ruben...

President Obama Snaps Selfie at Mandela Memorial?

  (CelebNMusic247 News) President Obama Snaps Selfie at Mandela Memorial? When you’re a President, say like for the United States of America there are just somethings you just don’t do, like President Obama snapping a selfie at Mandela’s memorial services. Com’on Obama, we expect better of you! Plus people are always watching sir… We can’t believe our eyes,...

Shaquille O’Neal Endorses Chris Christie

Shaquille O'Neal Endorses Chris Christie-1027-1
(CelebNMusic247-News) Shaquille O’Neal Endorses Chris Christie On Sunday (Oct 27), former basketball superstar, Shaquille O’Neal  gave his endorsement to Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie! Huh? What? Why has Shaquille O’Neal given his stamp of approval to Christie? Well here’s the drop: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) nabbed the endorsement of a...
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