The-Dream Blacklists Keyshia Cole

Apr 3rd, 2013

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Keyshia Cole has really muffed up in short, because The-Dream has announced on air that he would NEVER work with her!

The-Dream went on record today speaking with The Breakfast Club about is upcoming album, his ex Christian Milian, shuts down the rumors that Nivea is pregnant and says he doesn’t feel the need to “beef” with The Weeknd because he has so much success at this point.  The-Dream also reveals his feelings about Jay-Z clowning him at the Grammys and explains why he refuses to work with Keyshia Cole right now.

Like all the other industry people and music heads of the world, The-Dream peeped Keyshia Cole’s diss to Beyonce’ about her new single ‘Bow Down’, Keyshia calling Beyonce’ out as she felt Bey was being a hypocrite.

Now Terrius Nash is giving his take on the controversy when asked if he would ever work with Keyshia Cole in the future and The-Dream says after the way that she dissed Beyonce’, collaborating with Keyshia was a no go! Just NOT a good look.


Dream told the Breakfast Club:

“Right now because of what happened I can’t and I think she would respect why I can’t. That’s my family. You have a grown up conversation you know, ‘You’re talking about my family and you can’t do that.’”

As for his personal thoughts on Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down’ record, Dream says:

“I think she said exactly what she wanted to say. I think when you’re at the top and you’re the pop icon of this culture….She got something off her chest that she wanted to get off…The first time I heard it, we were in the studio. And you know, I was loving it. I really love ‘I Been On’ better than that ‘Bow Down’ record. ”

The-Dream has revealed that he has been in the studio with Jay-Z but not too much as he made it clear that he understood the “unwritten rule” when it comes to getting into the studio with Jay-Z and Beyonce’. And obviously has a lot of respect for both him and Bey. And when asked about Jay-Z dissing his hat on the Grammys, he says he didn’t take it personal:

“Truthfully to me, that’s just how we joke around all the time. Unfortunately instead of our living room, it was in everybody else’s. If you don’t know us like that, because nobody thinks of Dream and Jay like that we know each other or even kid like that. So it was like ‘Oh he’s dissing somebody he don’t even know’. No actually, he just had a really good joke and really good timing at a certain place. And I just served that up for him.”

He adds on working with Hov:

“It’s pretty amazing that this guy is still at it like this, that’s all I can say…”

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