Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers For Fraud

Jun 9th, 2013

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers For Fraud

Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson is being sued for her Vicki’s Vodka!

The RHOOC is being sued  by her business partner, Robert Williamson III, a professional poker player, in regards to her newest venture Vicki’s Vodka!

On Friday, Robert Williamson III  filed a lawsuit for $250,000 alleging that Vicki “breached contract, committed fraud, failed to live up to good faith dealings, misrepresented herself and conspired to unjustly enrich herself and partner Ayers.”  Brooks is named as a co-defendant in the suit even though we know his broke butt isn’t worth a dime!

Here’s the drop according to RealityTea:


The suit alleges that Vicki “gifted” Brooks 16.67% of Vicki’s Vodka without Robert’s consent or knowledge. Then Brooks proceeded to sell his share back to Robert in an “act of fraud.” It’s not known whether Vicki was aware of the transaction to re-sell the gifted percentage to Robert, but Robert’s court filing attests that Vicki signed a contract acknowledging her awareness of the deal.

“He [Brooks] claimed to need the money for unpaid IRS and child support obligations in order to prevent his imminently going to jail for non-payment,” the lawsuit reveals. “An agreement was reached, while RW III [Williamson] was in Clark County, Nevada, for the purchase of Brooks’ interest for the sum of $50,000.00 which is memorialized in writing in an agreement dated March 6, 2013.”

Unfortunately Vicki and Brooks allegedly then conspired together to recoup the loss dishonestly! “It was learned later that Brooks and Vicki had used this purchase as a way to obtain additional money from RW III in bad faith without the intent to honor the intent of the transaction.”

Vicki then “demanded” Robert, who now had controlling interest in Vicki’s Vodka with the acquisition of Brooks‘ share, return the business to the 50-50 equal partnership split between Vicki and himself.

When Robert refused, Vicki sent him a cease and desist letter and then participated in “total lack of co-operation” to make the business successful.

Robert is seeking damages of $250,000. “Based upon the representations, agreements and promises of Vicki and Brooks, RW III moved forward and expended substantial funds and made commitments in excess of $250,000.00.”

Apparently in their initial agreement – and in an effort to make the business a success – Vicki promised to negotiate her S8 RHOC contract to includepromotion of Vicki’s Vodka (which has already been seen talked about on the show). Vicki was even promising that during a WWHL appearance the bartender would serve the vodka.

Since the lawsuit Vicki’s twitter was completely deleted! Brooks is still adamantly insisting he has a job on his twitter.

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