Why Karen Gravano Left Mob Wives?

Jan 24th, 2014


(CelebNMusic247-News) Why Karen Gravano Left Mob Wives?

This season of Mob Wives is very different compared to the prior seasons and one noticable that only Drita D’Avanzo, Renee Graziano and Big Ang returned. What happened to Karen Gravano?

Despite Karen Gravano posting a selfie on instagram today, the question still remains, “what happened to Karen?”

In the first episode when Renee and Big Ang were headed to Alicia and Eddie’s thank you for the support party they mentioned Karen Gravano had moved to Arizona. Quickly dismissing her from the series at least for this season of Mob Wives: New Blood.

Well rumors have surfaced on the web that there was a reason behind Karen’s departure and it wasn’t to move to Arizona. It was reported that a source who spoke with Cosa Nostra News on condition of anonymity, that someone wanted her off the show and that someone is Lee D’Avanzo, not Eddie Garofalo.

Alicia DiMichele‘s husband, Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo, is “figuring to be a major star” in the upcoming season. This was based on a Jerry Capeci story in which Karen Gravano was the source (there were two other sources, but only Karen went on record). However, Karen apparently had a theory about why Jennifer had revamped most of the cast of “Mob Wives” which supposedly was to make DiMichele and Garofalo’s former marriage a centerpiece of the show.

That part is accurate since the show is based around Renee and Alicia beefing, Drita and Alicia and Big Ang becoming home girls and firecracker Natalie, the Mob Candy model/business owner who gets under Graziano’s skin.

Moreover, it was also reported that Garofalo would be heard on the show via select tape recordings, according to Karen in the same Capeci story.

lee-davanzo-not-tall-guy-behind-mob-wives-news-0123-1 As the VH1 reality series has been progressing there has only been one gangsters voice heard on the phone and its NOT Alicia’s husband Eddie aka The Tall Guy. All his recordings have been kept private thus far. Which leaves Drita’s husband Lee, he’s the only voice we’ve been hearing this season. Which hint that the person behind Karen’s departure may allegedly be Drita’s husband, Lee D’Avanzo.

Could this be true?

According to an anonymous source who is in the life and knowledgeable about certain circumstances.

The source adds:

“Lee hated the fact that [Karen] was talking about him…Drita hates her too.”

“[Lee] says Karen’s father is a rat, she is a rat and he can’t stand how she kept mentioning that she’d been in a relationship with him before Drita. He wants no ties to her. And [Ramona] Rizzo is with [Karen] and whatever else.”

“Lee is on his way to getting his button. He was brought into the Bonannos by a made member. There’s only one way out of that life.”

We are fans of Mob Wives, but we find these back stories more interesting than some of the drama on the show.

In actuality does anyone miss Karen this season? Probably NOT, the show is ALL about Drita, Renee and Big Ang. They’re the main three fans care about in the first place. As for the drama in the first 3 seasons, it was getting a bit stale and after Love got the boot over her fight with Karen we were a bit happy to see her go.

As for this post on why and how Karen got her walking papers in interesting and no matter what happened and why it happened is their business.

If you want to read more on this then click on Cosa-Nostra-News

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